Graphic design - photoshop - Illustrator
Traditional art - digital art
Animation - Motion Graphics - AE - Premiere

About me

What I do

  I love to experiment and learn about different types of design. At the moment I'm specialising in concept design and learning how to develop my Ideas into amazing concepts. I do think a creative needs to be able to visualise and execute ideas as well, that's why I try to keep growing in different areas of design.
Graphic Design
I design logo's, photo-marketing accessories, and anything else related to marketing and design. I mainly work with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
2D/3D Animation
At the moment my main focus in animation is 2D vector animation/ motion graphics. I mainly use After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit and animate. Additionally I have experience in Maya for 3D animation.
Traditional Art
I create realistic and cartoon-style portraits both digitally and traditionally. Recently I've also started creating comission-based tattoo designs.