Adidas campaign - fake ad

This ad was designed as part of my University degree – Communication and Multimedia Design – and used for school purposes only.  

In Valencia there’s a lot of gang violence. The recruitment for these gangs usually takes place while the soon-to-be members are at a young and vulnerable age, especially after school hours when there is no parental supervision or organised activities to get involved in. In order to decrease the number of youth joining gangs, we set up a campaign in collaboration with Adidas that supplies  these teenagers a with a full sports filled program after school to keep them occupied. By creating a continuous and stable after school program, the teens will have no option to drift off to the streets and become a target for possible gang recruitment.

The poster utilizes a before/ after strategy, by literally showing the transition of ‘gang member’ to ‘soccer player’.  The gang member runs away from his background and runs towards a successful life created by sports. 

The campaign assets consisted of multiple posters displaying the life of these gang members before and after they joined the Adidas sports program. More information on the program was displayed separately. This Campaign was just for University purposes and never had the intention of being published for Adidas.