Living paintings of History

‘De Geschiedenis Spreekt’ or the ‘Living paintings of history’ is a series of interactive paintings that allows the viewer to directly interact with the featured person in the painting, and in this way learn about history from history itself. 

The concept has been developed for children in elementary and high school, to improve the current way of teaching history. In the current education system there is a main focus on sending information. In addition, 60% of children have a right brain oriented way of learning, which means they learn best through visualization. With this project we created an interactive way of learning, that not only improves education, but is also very enjoyable for children.


The most important roles I played in the development of the paintings, are the concepting and animating role. I thought of and developed the main concept and together with my group, we iterated and adapted the idea where necessary. With this project we received a nomination for the Spin Awards. After a lot of voting we received second place.