Natascha van der Vegt

Creative - Designer

Nice to meet you

Growing up I always had a big interest in anything artsy. While my friends were playing outside, you could find me inside doodling away or crafting on one of my ingenious art projects. My passion for art and design only grew bigger during my University studies Communication and Multimedia design, that allowed me to learn everything I’d always wanted to know about marketing and design. Besides my love for art and design, I’ve always had the dream to explore the world. I am curious for new places and adventures and I love to learn about different cultures. During my time at University I was lucky enough to get the chance to move to England for a year to study Animation and learn from some very talented individuals.

My second big love is anything related to fitness, health and nutrition: I love to immerse myself in the science behind living a healthy lifestyle. I love to work out myself too, you can find me in the gym about 4 to 5 days a week, either helping other people reach their goals or working my ass off in the weights area myself.    



Freelance                                    Graphic Design

Keepsake                                    Memorymarketing Graphic design | Photography | Social Media

180 Kingsday                              Studio Design (Internship)

Networkapp                                 Motion Graphics Design



Utrecht | Hogeschool Utrecht       Communication and Multimedia Design

Portsmouth | Portsmouth             University BA (Hons) Animation



SpinAwards (2018) Nomination    SpinAwards ‘Living paintings of History’.



Clients I worked on include: Mini, Bonprix, Networkapp, De AutoMakelaar, Keepsake.

Event photography events include: Eye Filmball 2019, CocacolaxTommyjeans clothing launch event.