Traditional Art

The drawings displayed below are all commission based.

I started drawing when I was about 10 years old. It began with mostly horses and later gravitated towards famous people and other portraits; I still remember trying to draw Taylor Swift and being very proud of the fact that her nose slightly resembled Taylors nose. I practiced a lot, and after a while relatives started asking me to draw them portraits of their children and grandparents. This soon became bigger than I intended: more people asked me to draw them portraits and offered money for it too. 

I really enjoy being able to offer people portraits of their loved ones. Sometimes the portraits have a lot of emotional value and people´s response to the portraits is worth more than a million. After starting digital art, traditional portraits had to lay low for a bit. At the moment I still occasionally draw traditional portraits on commission, however I draw more digitally. I do try to practice a lot by doodling whenever I can and often learning about new techniques.